Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update on A Cow's Eyeball

Success! You will be so relieved to hear that I survived the dissection yesterday and didn't have to leave the room once. Well, I did leave once, but it was to run an errand for the teacher that, providentially, couldn't wait a minute longer. She desperately needed a trash bag and, frankly, it was up to me to make that trash bag happen for her.

My son was a pro at dissection, as I watched him from the far back right corner of the room next to the open window. He is the one who not so long ago suddenly came down with the "flu" when on a hunting trip with his dad. The "flu" hit right about the time the deer was being dressed. But no "flu" symptoms showed up today as he carved and observed and prodded the huge knobby smelly thing.

What have I learned from my brief foray into the world of 8th grade science?

1. I was very wise to not have pursued anything scientific for my vocation.
2. While it may be "interesting" and "educational" to observe the dissection of a cow's eyeball once in my life, I am quite sure it needn't be a recurring thing. Thank goodness!!


Kellie said...

This just proves to me that they have up-ed the education anty because when I was in school we did a fish, a grasshopper ( don't wanna know where that huge grasshopper called home), and a frog. Occasionally, my smart AP friends would dissect cats. But Eyeballs? Come-on...

Did you do eyeballs in school?

meh said...

Kellie, I had a sheltered childhood. My only dissection experience was a worm in 8th grade Biology class. And I actually never handled the worm in question, as I had a partner (a football jock) who was so excited to find he was good at something academic that I never had to participate in a hands on sort of way.