Friday, February 19, 2010

A Role Reversal

Puppy dog brought me a gift today...a half chewed up dead mouse. And he was so offended when I wasn't appreciative.

Meanwhile, kitty is living like a queen in the garage on her comfy throne. She has appropriated a sleepingbag that was waiting to be taken to the dry cleaners.

I think they are confused.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sniff, Sniff! They looked so cute! This was a first date ever for both of them. They looked a little nervous too. It was a group date officially and they were headed to the Winterfest dance at school. And M lucked out, she didn't want flowers. (Church friend, cute, athletic, AND low maintenance...he did good!)

So note how times have changed in fashion for boys on their first date...back in the day the date would have shown up in a lt. blue oxford with a yellow paisley tie, khaki tan pants (pleated of course), navy blue sports coat, and brown leather ColeHaans. The preppy look. Now it is black on top, black on bottom, no pleats, maybe a tie with color but maybe not, and black tie-up dress shoes. The mafia look.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


*Super Bowl Party was great. Plus I had 4 lbs. of taco meat left over to freeze for a later date. AND my house was clean. Such a win/win/ win kind of situation!

* survived the trial period...we are continuing on for now.

*yesterday was a glorious snow day:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Big-Game-on-Sunday Party

Have you heard about the whole thing about not speaking the words "Sup_r _owl" on the radio and various other advertisments? Now, why on earth wouldn't the $uper8owl People, whoever they are, want additional free advertising for their Souper Bole Sunday, my simple mind asks? But rather then risk getting hauled in to who knows where by the authorities, I will be very cautious to not say the wrong thing in this blog.

I am very excited to be hostessing my very own festivities for the Very-Large-Event-happening-on-Sunday. Of course the big question is food...I have been researching suggested menu's for the Huge-Container-Activity.

The funniest menu I found for Soup-in-a-Bowl was labelled a "guy menu"..."chips and dip and lots of it." Seriously.

And then there are the obvious menu's by Martha and by Rachael. But considering the guest list for my Extraordinary-Basin-Gathering, I don't think the preparation time will be worth it. Not that they aren't worth the effort, but I know these people and they wouldn't want me to spend that much time on the food.

I think I have settled on Tex-Mex. So what if the Cowboys or the Texans aren't participating in the Huge-Activity-On-Sunday?! Does it matter that Mexico doesn't have a football team represented?! And really, you just can't go wrong with Tex-Mex, right?

Go Colts!