Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sniff, Sniff! They looked so cute! This was a first date ever for both of them. They looked a little nervous too. It was a group date officially and they were headed to the Winterfest dance at school. And M lucked out, she didn't want flowers. (Church friend, cute, athletic, AND low maintenance...he did good!)

So note how times have changed in fashion for boys on their first date...back in the day the date would have shown up in a lt. blue oxford with a yellow paisley tie, khaki tan pants (pleated of course), navy blue sports coat, and brown leather ColeHaans. The preppy look. Now it is black on top, black on bottom, no pleats, maybe a tie with color but maybe not, and black tie-up dress shoes. The mafia look.


Kellie said...

GIrl, this makes me weepy! In a good way. M looks so handsome!

And yes, it makes me feel old!!!

whimzie said...

So sweet!!

They look gorgeous! (And yes, a little nervous!) May he always choose low maintenance girls.

I hope they had a great time!