Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A leap off the deep end. A leap in the dark. A game of leap frog. A leap of faith.

There are all kinds of leaps. Sometimes we measure the risk before our leap. Sometimes we just jump and close our eyes and trust it will all turn out ok. Regardless, it is exciting!!

What motivates us to take these leaps?

This leap is from D's and my first weekend together. We were still friends at this point, but we both had already felt the spark of heart-recognition. My motivation was to impress D's flip flops off (as opposed to impressing his socks off, but we were at the lake) and I knew he was watching.

Yesterday morning in Bible Study we looked at Mary Magdalene and how her commitment to Jesus was pure and it was extreme. What motivated her to take that leap of dedicating her life to serving the Lord and at a level of commitment that took her to the foot of the cross and then beyond? She had been freed from her chains. (Psalm 116)

I also have been freed, though not in precisely the same way Mary was. So where does my commitment to Jesus and faith in Him need to take a giant leap?

The more I think about it, the more I am coming to believe that my faith doesn't need to take so much a giant leap as a series of baby steps. And some of those baby steps cover territory already travelled on but, unfortunately, need to be covered all over again.

Baby steps in my faith doesn't sound nearly as exciting as taking flying leaps off the cliffs of life. But in their own way, baby steps take courage and the results will be exciting even if the process itself isn't. I have all the motivation in the world to do this...I have been freed from my chains! And I know Jesus is watching and is with me as I take each and every step.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To Facebook or Not To Facebook?

That is the question of the week for me.

Big D joined that bandwagon last week, which totally explains why I am even thinking about it. It all happened because a girl from his highschool class is on a mission to get all 27 of their classmates reunited through facebook.

It all sounds very innocent perhaps, but facebook appears to be very addictive. And I am getting increased pressure to join the crowd.

"Everyone is doing it." "It is so fun!!" "It will be good for you!" "God wants you to be on Facebook." (Ok, that last one isn't really anything anyone has ever said to me, but I threw it in just for kicks.)

So I have steadfastly resisted the peer pressure! And yet I still wonder if it is just a matter of time before I am asking if you will be my friend.

Are you a facebooker? I spend enough time on the computer with my emails and "creating" an occasional blog. Is it really worth more time on the computer? Would be interested if you had any input.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Very Strange Coincidence!

Several weeks ago I was apprehended by the law. I was doing 55 in a 45.

In my defense...and why I feel like you would care to hear that defense, I am not sure. Stories about tickets are kind of like birthing stories. If you have ever had one, you feel like you need to share it with everyone else. Sorry, I digress. Back to my defense: it was almost midnight and I was on a country road I had never driven on before and the speed actually was 55 at some point on that road. Apparently, it had stopped being 55 by the time I got to the little nook where the police car was hiding in wait for its prey.

ANYWAYS! I got the ticket. I was indeed guilty of speeding. I paid the ticket. I thought that was the end of the ticket. But for the last few weeks I have been getting spam on my personal email for gotocrazydriverticketschool.com (or something like that).

My question is, how do "they" know that I had a ticket? I didn't write down my email on the ticket or on the payment check. It is a very strange coincidence, don't you think?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Honestly, it is an addiction.

Hi my name is MEH, and I watch What Not To Wear. I actually record them all, and then watch multiple episodes while I fold clothes. Not too terrible, right? But invariably, my piles are done before the show ends...and I just keep watching. I can't help it!

So I heard a great quote yesterday while doing the whites pile. As they watch footage of some poor tomboy trying to negotiate stilleto's in the dressing room, Clinton asks Stacy at what age the typical female learns how to walk in heels. Stacy, without a blink, replies by age four. And she is pretty much right.

Hop over to Lift My Noise and see the photo that reminded me of that little nugget of truth. It is an adorable glimpse of femininity.

And if you are interested in joining an online support group for those who love What Not To Wear just a little too much, let me know. I am sure there is more of us out there! (:

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Way He Is

For the last 17 years and 1 day (the age of my oldest) I have dedicated my life to mommyhood--what God has called me to and what I have mostly embraced through these years. But I always knew that there would come a time when those sweet kids of mine would need fewer of the hours in my day and God would call me into some new adventures.

A few weeks ago an ad in my daughters school newsletter caught my eye. The schools in our district desperately need substitute special ed. aides. I read the ad. My heart lurched ever so slightly. And I threw it immediately in the trash. By noon the next day I had dug the paper out of the trash, out from under the nasty apple cores, etc., and called the number for more information.

Which reminded me of the year 1998 and Allyssa.

In 1998, Allysa was about 13 years old and the daughter of a fellow seminary wife and good friend of mine. Out of the blue one hot Texas day, Sally asked me to consider watching Allyssa (handicapped both physically and cognitively) for about 20 hours per month and for which the state paid a certain sum. My heart was touched but I immediately said no. The next day found me calling her back for more information.

Ten years later and I am still fighting stubborness and still learning to discern God's voice speaking to my heart. I guess that is just the way I am!

I am excited to see what God wants to show me personally for now and possibly for my future. I am nervous about the unknown environment that I will enter. I am excited that God has provided a new opportunity for me to serve others, especially the "least of these." I am nervous to see if I have what it takes to step up to a new challenge and still keep my priorities in line with God's priorities.

In a few weeks I will go through the orientation and begin stretching my wings in a little different direction then I am used to. I have no idea if this will be short term or long term but I have committed myself to a certain amount of time and I will let you know how it goes. One thing I do know, Allyssa stepping into my life so many years ago didn't just bless my friend but also enhanced my relationship with God and forced me to grow in ways I wouldn't naturally have pursued. I think my patient and loving Lord wants to do the same thing again. That is just the way He is!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Family Barber

After a blissfully relaxing weekend away to visit my dear friend Kellie, I came back refreshed to my loving family and my job as mom.

Alot has been written about Mom as the V.P., janitor, chef, shuttle van driver, tutor/teacher, nurse, etc. Is there any other job out there that is so diverse? Honestly, I can't say I am passionate about some aspects of my job as mom. Toilet cleaning immediately jumps to mind!!

I have recently added a new item to my personal mom job description--barber. I used to do this long ago when my boys were very small and didn't like going to the barber and they didn't care what their hair looked like, which was good because all I could manage was a buzz.

Weren't they cute little guys?! I wonder which holiday we were celebrating in this picture?! (: I think they were singing Your a Grand Old Flag for the patriotic show. It is hard to say for certain since we did them every year and they kind of blend together in the memory.

Anyways, we took a little break from mom-barber at some point and the boys had "real" haircuts at the barbershop just like their daddy.

But just this last summer, my boys discovered that they liked buzz haircuts again. And my husband discovered he is growing closer to his dream of being bald, and all of a sudden I am the barber again. Buzz haircuts for all three now!! Here are some recent photo's from this summer at Higgins Lake. Isn't that sweet with D and the girls? And yes, the minnows were alive.

Not only do we save at least $45.00 a month in our budget, but I also get to love on and talk to and listen to my boys (and my man) as they sit completely still without any t.v. or x-box distractions. And my food budget will go down too if they keep eating what they catch at the lake!!

I love my job!!