Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Family Barber

After a blissfully relaxing weekend away to visit my dear friend Kellie, I came back refreshed to my loving family and my job as mom.

Alot has been written about Mom as the V.P., janitor, chef, shuttle van driver, tutor/teacher, nurse, etc. Is there any other job out there that is so diverse? Honestly, I can't say I am passionate about some aspects of my job as mom. Toilet cleaning immediately jumps to mind!!

I have recently added a new item to my personal mom job description--barber. I used to do this long ago when my boys were very small and didn't like going to the barber and they didn't care what their hair looked like, which was good because all I could manage was a buzz.

Weren't they cute little guys?! I wonder which holiday we were celebrating in this picture?! (: I think they were singing Your a Grand Old Flag for the patriotic show. It is hard to say for certain since we did them every year and they kind of blend together in the memory.

Anyways, we took a little break from mom-barber at some point and the boys had "real" haircuts at the barbershop just like their daddy.

But just this last summer, my boys discovered that they liked buzz haircuts again. And my husband discovered he is growing closer to his dream of being bald, and all of a sudden I am the barber again. Buzz haircuts for all three now!! Here are some recent photo's from this summer at Higgins Lake. Isn't that sweet with D and the girls? And yes, the minnows were alive.

Not only do we save at least $45.00 a month in our budget, but I also get to love on and talk to and listen to my boys (and my man) as they sit completely still without any t.v. or x-box distractions. And my food budget will go down too if they keep eating what they catch at the lake!!

I love my job!!


Anonymous said...

So where are the photos of your kids, and whose kids are those that you're posting pictures of???

meh said...

Spaghettipie, they are so big now it is almost scary!!

Becky said...

Oh I miss you and your kids are so grown up I tried to post when D got a job as a Barista boy and tell you my girl is a Sonic car hop and I will trade you a Route 44 Dr Pepper (the real kind) for and coffee some day..... Hope ours paths cross agin sometime......B~

meh said...

Becky, I must say that the Sonic car hop is one great job!! I am thinking route 66 cherry Dr. Pepper...every night!! One of these days maybe I will pop in and we can catch up over some Sonic! (:

Kellie said...

Those fish are a lot smaller than I imagined them being in my mind. Still, I don't think I could do it!

I love the pic of the boys! Oh my goodness they were cute! and still are!

I can't even believe that Little D is more than half-way finished with high school! yikes!

meh said...

You could just put some soy sauce on them and call them sushi!! They tried to get me to eat one...not even remotely a chance. J wouldn't do it either. She and I have no problem with being called a scaredy-cat!

TJ Wilson said...

M - yes, your boys are GROWING, wow. love the photos - what a good-looking family.