Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To Facebook or Not To Facebook?

That is the question of the week for me.

Big D joined that bandwagon last week, which totally explains why I am even thinking about it. It all happened because a girl from his highschool class is on a mission to get all 27 of their classmates reunited through facebook.

It all sounds very innocent perhaps, but facebook appears to be very addictive. And I am getting increased pressure to join the crowd.

"Everyone is doing it." "It is so fun!!" "It will be good for you!" "God wants you to be on Facebook." (Ok, that last one isn't really anything anyone has ever said to me, but I threw it in just for kicks.)

So I have steadfastly resisted the peer pressure! And yet I still wonder if it is just a matter of time before I am asking if you will be my friend.

Are you a facebooker? I spend enough time on the computer with my emails and "creating" an occasional blog. Is it really worth more time on the computer? Would be interested if you had any input.


Kellie said...

Of course I am a Facebooker! Because I am on the cutting edge of social media.

It is always my desire to be hip and cool and feel like I have so many, many friends to keep up with!

Ok, not really. I joined facebook a couple years ago to keep up with my hip cousins who Faced Booked before it was cool...

Join...the best part is that thousands of people you havne't talked to for-ev-er will wish you Happy Birthday next year!

Blue Skies said...

Hi, My name is jessica and I'm a Facebooker.

I joined under pressure from our small group leader so we could receive their communications but I've found that it is a good way to stay in touch with some people who I really don't hear from otherwise. I'm also getting to know others that I didn't know well before at all!

I don't spend much time on there - maybe 2-3 times per week just to check in.

spaghettipie said...

God told me to tell you that you need to set up a Facebook account.

Tracie said...

I set up an account this summer, but I've found I just can't keep up with facebook and a blog too. But Facebook has some advantages... several friends who never return emails are active on facebook... something about the one-liners that doesn't seem so time consuming? But it sucks you in! :)I probably won't be able to hold out for too long, but for now, I feel I need to boycott all life-sucking entities that steal moments of peace and quiet reflection. (The problem is not facebook-- it's me!) Will you still be my friend? :)

meh said...

Tracie, that is exactly what I am afraid of. Still haven't decided, but right now am leaning towards "not right now". And yes, you can still be my friend!! (: