Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Very Strange Coincidence!

Several weeks ago I was apprehended by the law. I was doing 55 in a 45.

In my defense...and why I feel like you would care to hear that defense, I am not sure. Stories about tickets are kind of like birthing stories. If you have ever had one, you feel like you need to share it with everyone else. Sorry, I digress. Back to my defense: it was almost midnight and I was on a country road I had never driven on before and the speed actually was 55 at some point on that road. Apparently, it had stopped being 55 by the time I got to the little nook where the police car was hiding in wait for its prey.

ANYWAYS! I got the ticket. I was indeed guilty of speeding. I paid the ticket. I thought that was the end of the ticket. But for the last few weeks I have been getting spam on my personal email for gotocrazydriverticketschool.com (or something like that).

My question is, how do "they" know that I had a ticket? I didn't write down my email on the ticket or on the payment check. It is a very strange coincidence, don't you think?!


Kellie said...

What? That is crazy! The Gov't must sell their info!

Blue Skies said...

you know, I've wondered the same question about those emails. I think it is from some troll in our computers that looks at the websites we visit and then generates spam off of it. Try doing a spybot cleanout. So sorry about the ticket. I bet that keeps a parent humble when they have a driving age kid!