Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From Mother to Daughter...Makeup

* Less really is best! Your natural beauty is meant to be highlighted, not masked.

* Moisturize and sunscreen! You may not care now, but you will in 25 years.

* Professionals are the best teachers on how to apply makeup! Take your friend's advice with a grain of salt.

* Focus on outward beauty and you will never truly be satisfied! Proverbs 31:30..."Charm is deceptive and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

She has always loved makeup but this last year marked the first time I let her wear any out in public. 7th grade seems to be the "year of makeup" and so I figured some sheer taupe eyeshadow and some sheer lip gloss would add just the perfect touch to her natural beauty. But now she is 13 and going in to 8th grade next Fall. We are going to have to make some additions to her makeup bag. The timing is perfect for this conversation. And she will have all summer to practice.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Little Signs of Spring

Every Spring since we have lived here (3 years now), and often while snow is still on the ground, our Sandhill Cranes fly in and begin preparing their nest. (We feel pretty sure that they fly up from Texas.) Before long only one of them is seen stalking around the yard and in the swampy grass behind us looking for food, while the other one sits on the nest. And at last, the eggs hatch and two little Signs of Spring are hustling around behind their parents, trying to keep up with their long legs.

The cranes are very faithful and committed, mating for life and always coming back to the same spot for their nest. I do think it is sweet and very fitting for Michigan! Just like everyone else here, they spend the warm summer months in their cottage "up north"!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Explanation

So what prompted my little organized conversation with my daughter on my last blog?

She needed a sundress for a school concert. On Monday. And so Saturday morning we headed out for the dreaded shopping excursion.

Ok, so it was not exactly dreadful as a swimming suit quest. Or shopping for bra's. But still stressful! Have you seen the styles in the stores lately?

Four hours and 3 stores later, she had her cute sundress and I had the makings of the Mother-Daughter Conversation blog.

Honestly, I had a good time with her even through the stressful moments just because it was so darn fun to stress out WITH her instead of AT her, like I used to do when shopping with her as a toddler. We talked. We did a lunch break half way through (McDonalds...neither of us have outgrown that craving). We laughed a bit. It all worked out, didn't it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From Mother to Daughter...Shopping

Shopping Observations!

1. EVERYTHING can be heard through a dressing room curtain/door. Watch what you say!

2. Fashion SHOULD be comfortable, but for the sake of money or time, some comfort may need to be sacrificed for tres chic. Accept this as a part of femininity!

3. Shoes, handbags, and jewelry RARELY makes one look "chunky". Enjoy the art of accessor-izing to the upmost!

4. Shopping can be therapeutic, UNLESS spending money one doesn't have. Use this therapy wisely and well!

5. Modesty, though unpopular, is something that is NEVER truly regretted. Hold tight to your standards and dignity and keep on looking!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gettin' Organized--Part 3!

Organizational Update:

Part 1: still drinking Part 2: still emailing. It has really helped my attitude alot!!

Next Issue: Where did the first half of my May go?!?

Motto: Don't get mad, get organized!

Organizational Solution: A note-to-self in my calendar for May 1, 2010 that says "MAY IS CRAZY"!!

A wise friend of mine told me the other day that at the first of the year, whenever she gets her new calendar, she flips to May and writes herself a little memo reminding her about the crazy month of May. That way she is reminded that no matter how much it seems like life SHOULD slow down in May, it never really does, and this prevents her from over-scheduling and wandering around the streets in house slippers looking for where the first half of her May went and hid!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gettin' Organized--Part 2!

Organizational Update from Part 1: still drinking! And I highly recommend it!

(WATER...I am still drinking a lot of WATER per my last Gettin' Organized blog. Sheesh!)

Next Issue: There are a lot of very important decisions being made and not made for my state and my country. I don't agree with some of the priorities and decisions of some of my elected representatives, which can be anything from frustrating to maddening depending on the particular issue in question.

Yet God has purposely placed me here and now as an American citizen. In essence, God has granted me the right and the opportunity to be heard, and yet I so often feel that my single voice is too small, too insignificant to be noticed by my elected officials. And so I say and do nothing. And remain frustrated.

Motto: Don't get mad, get organized!

Organizational Solution: I have chosen one day a week to take advantage of this opportunity God has given me to speak up. I am picking one item of interest and writing/emailing my elected representatives to respectfully submit my opinion.

There are so many things in this life we simply cannot control. I am choosing to embrace the opportunity to do what I am able and simply trust God to bless my efforts as He sees fit.