Monday, May 18, 2009

Gettin' Organized--Part 3!

Organizational Update:

Part 1: still drinking Part 2: still emailing. It has really helped my attitude alot!!

Next Issue: Where did the first half of my May go?!?

Motto: Don't get mad, get organized!

Organizational Solution: A note-to-self in my calendar for May 1, 2010 that says "MAY IS CRAZY"!!

A wise friend of mine told me the other day that at the first of the year, whenever she gets her new calendar, she flips to May and writes herself a little memo reminding her about the crazy month of May. That way she is reminded that no matter how much it seems like life SHOULD slow down in May, it never really does, and this prevents her from over-scheduling and wandering around the streets in house slippers looking for where the first half of her May went and hid!

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