Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gettin' Organized--Part 2!

Organizational Update from Part 1: still drinking! And I highly recommend it!

(WATER...I am still drinking a lot of WATER per my last Gettin' Organized blog. Sheesh!)

Next Issue: There are a lot of very important decisions being made and not made for my state and my country. I don't agree with some of the priorities and decisions of some of my elected representatives, which can be anything from frustrating to maddening depending on the particular issue in question.

Yet God has purposely placed me here and now as an American citizen. In essence, God has granted me the right and the opportunity to be heard, and yet I so often feel that my single voice is too small, too insignificant to be noticed by my elected officials. And so I say and do nothing. And remain frustrated.

Motto: Don't get mad, get organized!

Organizational Solution: I have chosen one day a week to take advantage of this opportunity God has given me to speak up. I am picking one item of interest and writing/emailing my elected representatives to respectfully submit my opinion.

There are so many things in this life we simply cannot control. I am choosing to embrace the opportunity to do what I am able and simply trust God to bless my efforts as He sees fit.

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Kellie said...

Such a great set aside time once a week to do exercise the privilege to speak! After spending this year studying how hard our fore-fathers worked to give us the right to have a voice, to live in a democracy, to be "we the poeple", I am understanding why it is important that we don't allow our "voice" to be squelched by the "my voice is to small" attitude!

Go for it girl!

And happy water drinking! Isn't it tasty? ;)