Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crossroads or Round-About?

Months ago I found myself at a crossroads of opportunity, a new season of life. And so I named this blog Biding My Time and settled in for the adventure of patiently waiting for what God would send my way...sincerely desiring to do His will, not my own.

But come to find out, there is risk in simply Biding My Time at the crossroads.

We have a unique round-about intersection in our town. Actually it is a series of three two lane round-abouts in a a major intersection off of the highway...with two service roads and busy shopping malls on each side. In a word, it is dangerous!

Every once in awhile, you will see some poor thing circling round and around, not exactly sure which is the correct lane to be in for getting to the shopping that is just within view. And then right when they are about to make their move, another car enters the round-about and they are back to circling again.

Have I eased out of my crossroads of opportunity only to find myself stuck going round and around the Round-About?

That is one of the risks I am seeing at my personal crossroads. So I am asking myself some questions to make sure I am not circling the round-about aimlessly.

*Is life's clutter distracting my eyes when God's opportunity presents itself?
(Is my schedule full of "stuff" without meaning? My eyes so focused on the next thing on the calendar, that I can't live here in the present? That I don't have time carved out for meditation on God and for listening to what He is saying to me?)

*Has the same-ness of my nice life lulled me into complacency?
(My crossroads hasn't changed everything in my life, and in fact, life is very much the same as before...just kid-less durinig school hours. Am I stuck in any ruts or patterns of life that prevent me from reaching my hands out for valuable, God-ordained change?)

*Does laziness win too many battles with my motivation to seize the next thing God has for me?
(Am I finding the balance between rest and laziness? Between busy in God's strength and just busy? "No" for the right reasons? "Yes" for the right reasons?)

*Do I still trust that God's plan is best?
(Working? Staying in place? Continuing in the same volunteer positions? Adding new volunteer positions? Additional education?)

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