Friday, October 26, 2007

Overhurd At Thu Dintist

I was "relaxing" in the chair getting an enamel-challenged tooth updated (sounds more progressive then getting an old cavity re-filled, don't you think?) when the dentist started talking to her assistant about another patient. She had fitted him with dentures but when she caught sight of him out-on-the-town the other night, he wasn't wearing them. Her voice registered incredulity.

That conversation over the "purring" drill got me thinking.
If I run into my eye doctor and I am not wearing my glasses, will I be the subject of conversation in her office the next day?
If I return my new shoes, will the salesperson at the store be offended if she finds out?
If I don't take people's advice will I be considered foolish?

Probably, but oh well!!

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