Monday, October 29, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Conversation in the car on the way home from school one day last week with J.:

"Mom, why do you shut your cell phone with your chin?"
"Uhmm, didn't know I did that."
"Yep! Why do you do that?"
"I guess because my other hand is busy driving."

Conversation in the church lobby on Sunday as I hang up my cell phone:

"Mom, you are still shutting your cell phone with your chin. Why?"
"Uhmm...I have no clue!!"

This is from the girl who held her pacifier under her chin when she wanted to tuck it away somewhere safe while she ate, or played, or whatever. We always wondered where she got that little trick and now we know.

C. and I have a lot of similarities also. I have to admit, as a child I was a tad dramatic. I dressed up. I role played. I emoted. C. has been known to do this every day of her life thus far. If there isn't any drama readily available, she will manufacture it!

So how much like my mom am I? Devoted to the Lord, check. Service gifts, check. Intensely loyal to family and friends, check. Prayer warrior, oops--need to work on that more diligently. Highly disciplined, ouch--not so strong in that trait.

Well, the nice thing is that I have a great role model in my mother who inspires me to press towards Christ-likeness. My prayer is that I will in turn be that for my own daughters as they grow up into beautiful women of God.


spaghettipie said...

Knowing your sweet family, I'm sure they will! SO FUN to see some pics of you guys. I can't believe how fast your kids have grown.

Kellie said...

Y'all are so beautiful!