Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Five Things...

...that cause me to question my vocation of stay at home mom:

1. My shirt never manages to stay completely dry when I wash the dishes.
2. I do not own an apron and haven't since I was 7 years old.
3. Not only can I not sew, I don't even want to.
4. I am a mediocre cook, and only slightly better at baking.
5. While I appreciate a clean house, I do not appreciate cleaning the house.

...that affirm my choice to be a stay at home mom:

1. Big D!
2. Little D.
3. M.
4. C.
5. J.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to have this wonderful job of taking care of my family!


Kellie said...

I affirm your choice to stay at home too!

1. Shirts that get wet while doing dishes can be considered washed and worn more than once.

2. Aprons are cute, but highly over-rated.

3. Why do you need or want to sew when you can buy clothes?

4. You aren't a mediocre baker, your repertoire is just limited to a few excellent treats...why mess with a good thing?

5. Cleaning your house may not be your thing, but you do it well. Plus, isn't that what you had kids for?

meh said...

Kellie, dear: I love the way your mind works. You are a true friend!

Anonymous said...

The top 3 things I love best about you being a staying at home...
3. The kids don't come home to an empty house;
2. Even though you never know what is for dinner when I call late afternoon, we always have dinner that night;
1. Lunch dates...

Big D