Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Denial or Therapy?

Have you ever had one of those days where there's emotional stuff swirling around you from all sorts of directions, but you just aren't going to deal with it? You choose to ignore "it" and allow "it" to just go away for a little while? That is my day today this far! Some might call it denial...

I started my morning off with a professional massage, which was given to me for my birthday last month. Hopped over to the last half of Bible study and had a sweet time of prayer with some ladies from church. Came home and changed back into my PJ's. Next came a leisurely lunch followed by a Hersheys bar (full size) while finishing up a mindlessly pleasant piece of fiction. Fire in the fireplace, raindrops on the window, total silence, bliss!! Book finished, I took a Dr. Phil personality test, which was surprisingly accurate and therefore somewhat amusing. (go to psychcentral.com/personquiz.htm) And now here I an blogging about my state of lazy denial to the great big world of internet. Should I be embarrassed?

Strangely, the emotional swirly stuff isn't so overwhelming to me as it was earlier. I actually feel rested up and ready to face some of the things that need to be faced, and which ones those are seem clearer then before. Some might call a day like today denial but it has felt more like therapy!


Kellie said...

This IS therapy, my friend. It's what I like to call a Mental Health Day. I personally feel that this day should be observed at least once a month, but sometimes life gets in the way.

The only problem I see in your day is that you had to eat chocolate alone. So I will go find some right now to remedy that problem.

Glad to hear that your day of rest has given you some clarity regarding the emotional stuff.

Lara said...

I'm checking into place tickets right NOW! Noone should eat chocolate alone! OH did I mention I bought some gourmet chocolate at Costco today! UMMMM good!