Saturday, October 20, 2007

10-20-30 meme

Thanks for tagging me, Spaghettipie. This was a fun one!

Ten years ago my husband and I lived in Texas and he was in seminary. It was a huge time of spiritual growth for our entire family. I tried to read as many of the books my husband was reading and kept a journal of what I was learning. I was still a stay at home mom and my kids were 6, 4, and 2 years old with my youngest not born yet. God kept showing up in amazing ways both spirtitually and also very practically. A favorite story of His provision happened right around this time period. We needed a certain amount of money to pay for tuition and books, and it was a couple of thousand if I remember correctly. We didn't have it. I was biting my nails over it and remembering to pray occasionally for it, when a letter comes in the mail from a former client of my husband's now-ended law practice up in Oklahoma. He sent us a huge check with an apology for it being over a year late! Totally a God moment, as anyone who has ever run their own law practice can attest. Clients just don't track you down after that long and especially after you have closed the practice and moved on.

Twenty years ago was my senior year of highschool. I lived in Oklahoma and attended a private Christian school. I spent my time playing basketball, tennis, and socializing. Sadly, my main focus at that point in time involved my appearance--shopping, makeup, hair, nails, etc. I did have a hard year with the mysterious end of a close girl friendship, though with such maturity I just can't imagine why! God used that "trauma" to grow me up, it really was bitterly hard at the time, and for that I am thankful.

Thirty years ago I was in 2nd grade and my teacher's name was Mrs. Wellborn. And that is all I can remember about that year. It is strange to have an entire year without memories, or at least memories I can identify as linked specifically with that year. I know that we lived in Oklahoma in the same house I lived in from 4 years to 19 years of age. I loved playing with my stuffed animals. No dolls for me. They weren't soft and cuddly like the animals. But I dressed them and fed them and spanked them and hugged them. My favorite was a large round pink bear that I could have sworn hugged me back!

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