Saturday, October 13, 2007

Been Tagged

Saturday MeMe...I was tagged

Jobs I’ve Had:

1. babysitting was good to me in my highschool years...kept me dressed preppy

2. receptionist at my dad's Dr. office...I can type pretty fast, actually, but I am not a big phone person

3. nanny...while Kellie's nanny job made her feel smug and superior mine made me wonder if I ever wanted to be a mother with children of my own! Fortunately, I like my own children.

4. welcome wagon...the high point memory of this job is tied between the new local t.v. newscaster answering the door in his boxers and high centering my car on someones driveway and the tow truck had to be called. Both make me giggle.

Places I’ve Lived:
1. Honolulu, Hawaii
2. Irving, Texas
3. Edmond, Oklahoma
4. Topeka, Kansas
5. Garland, Texas
6. Frisco, Texas
7. Ft. Worth, Texas
8. Michigan

Food I Love:
1. TexMex
2. chocolate
3. tea, with milk and sugar, if you please
4. steak

Websites I Visit:

2. http://yahoo (: pathetic source of information, but oh well

3. mostly I just cruise around my friend's blogs to be honest

Places I’d Rather Be:
Too scary to even chase this question out. I am here!

Movies I Love:
1.Pride and Prejudice (BBC edition)
2.You've Got Mail (so predictable, but still a favorite)
3.The Music Man (put out a couple years ago on T.V...a friend taped it for me)
4. Big Fat Greek Wedding

TV Shows I Watch:
Here I go...Pro football and college basketball, Mixed Martial Arts (only with Big D, though), Funniest Home Videos(with the kids), Singing Bee (I apoligise for being so weird but there it is for all the blogging world to see) We try not to watch t.v. during the school week so that limits the shows we watch.

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Krista Sanders said...

I knew exactly who you were- can't believe you stopped by. I am enjoying all of your entries- making my way down the list. This one I had to comment on because your number 1 and 2 movies are my favorites so I thought I better see your other ones on the list. Hope you all are doing well!