Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Titles are funny things and can reveal alot about a person. Specifically, titles are funny things when you place your name in front of them and make it personal.

For instance, I prefer Marie: Full-time-wife-and-mom. It works for me.

I just like that so much better to the Stay-at-home-mom or Homemaker title. Those titles are just fine, and sure, they mean basically the same thing, but they just personally make me cringe when I hear them applied to me. It's a funny thing.

Anyways, last night while I tried to get my mind to fall asleep, it circled around on this topic of titles mixed with some of the things that had happened during our Christmas break. And I came up with some amusing new ones that relate directly to my main title above.

*(At least they were amusing to ME with my nightly narcotics in my system.)

~Over-the-counter Acne Expert
( I have three teens in my house.)
~Radio Morality Controller
(Only when I have kids in the car.)
~Evil Queen of Chore Distribution
(Somehow the house still gets messy even over Christmas break.)
~Impromptu Scheduler of Life
(According to some family members, just as the family settles in to their various projects, I will suddenly announce we are going somewhere and are about to be late. This may or may not be accurate! I plead the 5th!)
~Chief Elf
(Out of pure necessity due to my husband's title of Chief Grinch.)
(Chief Worry Wart...remember I have 3 teens in the house. Fortunately, D reminded me I have a "box".)

Of course there are countless other titles out there which relate directly to mommy-hood and always make me laugh, but those in particular made me giggle as I drifted off to sleep last night.

*Brief health update: I am down to only needing prescription pain pills at night and will hopefully be off these within a week! Praise God, I am feeling better and doing more every day!!

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