Monday, December 14, 2009

The Best Christmas Party Game List

I adore Christmas parties, and so I have gathered what I believe to be the top 17 game ideas. These are great for family gatherings as well as for friend's, couples, office, and kid parties. They are all very merry and good clean fun! All of these can involve prizes, can be played individually or in teams, and are easily tweaked to fit your own party's personality.

As there are 17 on my top list, I obviously can't post the directions for all of them on this blog. If you would like detailed instructions, feel free to let me know and I will email you the details. In addition, one or two come from bloggers who have requested their directions not be re-posted on other blogs and so I will honor that. But over the next days leading to Christmas I will post on my own personal favorites from the list and include the directions.

So drum roll please...The best Christmas/Party Game Ideas out there are:

1. Right Left Christmas Game Nativity Story...involves prizes/gifts

2. Crazy Christmas scavenger hunt

3. Christmas Gift Exchange/Guessing Identity Game Idea

4. Christmas Memory Game
(Get 10 to 20 small Christmas items and place on a tray...)

5. Mystery Auction ... not just Christmas, involves prizes

6. Christmas Feud Survey/ Results

7. "Are you ready for Christmas?"

8. Christmas Gift/Name Bingo

9. White elephant/Dirty Santa

10. Food tasting games

11. Design Santa’s New Hat
(Couples are given a base supply of materials to work with to design Santa a new look.)

12. Identify Items
(Teams identify from a list of “ingredients” or descriptions of various Christmas items.)

13. Christmas Trivia Game

14. Name That Song/Christmas Carol Game
(titles of carols re-worded)

15. ABC games, 2 options
(improv-style or individual icebreaker)

16. People Scavenger Hunt
(The Goal is to Find out who has done everything on the list First... or just use it as a Christmas Party icebreaker! Prizes are an option. List available to copy.)

17. Christmas-ey Mad Gabs
(Like the popular game...)

18. Elf themed party
(yep-based off the movie)


Kellie said...

These are all great! I wish we lived closer. WE could leave the men at home and crash Christmas parties. I love 'em, D tolerates them. This year we were invited to ZERO parties. Zero. So very sad.

Beth said...

I just read your posts from the past few weeks. Praying for you--for God's peace and comfort during this time of waiting.