Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another favorite Christmas party game...

Mad Gabs always works at a party, so I compiled this Christmas-ey Mad Gabs list for my husband's annual staff/volunteer party. I must admit I wasn't for sure it would go over but it ended up being a big hit. Most are fairly easy...the fun is in forcing people on center stage to say crazy sounding phrases and, of course, the team competition. If you get stuck answering any of these, just let me know and I will bail you out with the answer key...except the last two which are still a mystery to me. By the way, my kids had alot of fun with these too!

1. Foresty Thus No Man

2. Oak Wrist Mystery

3. Sigh Land In Height

4. Rude Olive Their Head Knows Rained Ear

5. A Wayne Aim May Injure

6. Sill Verb Else

7. Folly Snuff Eat Add

8. Oak A Mocah Me Manual

9. Owe Calm Mall Leaf Hateful

10. Caw Dressed Deem Air Reach End Almond

11. Lid Dolled Rum Herb Poi

12. Joint Tooth How Hurled

13. Could Keen Gwen Senseless

14. Thug Wren Chews Toll Crisp Miss

15. Egg Wrist Mask Air Ill

16. To Us Thin I’d Beef Fork Wrist Miss

17. Thin Hut Car Rock Her Hand Them How Skiing

18. Thug If Tough Them Madge Eye

19. Elf Daze Huff Quiz Miss

20. Thermos One Her Fool Stay Huff Da Hear

21. Hole Lid Oh Tom Of Bed Lee Am

22. Awe He Chaw Lee Quiz Miss

23. Ache Hand He Gain

24. Cream Misses Ear

25. extra challenge: How Soft Thaw Hood In Cent Ahs

26. extra challenge: Age Eyelids Car Hissed Miss Sin Wells

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Sarah - said...

Hey I wanted to let you know I think these are wonderful and noted a few on my blog and linked to your blog.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - Party Game Ideas