Friday, December 18, 2009

Another fun game option...

# 15 on my Christmas games list (posted on 12/14/09) is the ABC Christmas Game. This is as fun ( or funny) as you want to make it and is great for all ages (as long as they know their abc's). My 13 year old daughter and Big D love option must be their dramatic/creative side coming out.

#1 option:

Each person must write out a Christmas-ey word for each letter of the alphabet.

This can be a race, or you can judge for creativity and humor.

#2 option:

Improv Christmas game where each person takes turns making up a sentence that is creating a story but the the first word of their sentence must start with the following letter of the alphabet. It has to go super fast, so you might need to impose a referee to disqualify people who pause too long. The referee will also disqualify anyone who uses the wrong next letter.

All reindeer are certifiably insane.
Blitzen especially has issues.
Coal poisening can be blamed for his problem though.
Don’t try and make excuses for him.
Even Santa likes to party with him.
Far be it from me to criticize “the big guy” but he is getting a little senile.
Grandma got runover by Blitzen with Santa behind the wheel.
Hasn't she recovered?
I am sure she still has nightmares though.
Just during her mid-morning nap...

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