Monday, December 21, 2009

Elf Christmas party with game ideas

Due to my little "vacation" in the hospital, I missed out on actually seeing my big elf party for our highschool youth group. But according to my two boys and their friends, everyone had a blast, so here it is: #18 on the favorite Christmas game list, an Elf-themed party.

~Come dressed with Christmas cheer/or wear your own creative elf hat...can be judged for prizes.
~Provide whatever "real food" you want, but there will be lots of junk for the games.
~Movie trivia icebreaker:

*how do you spread x-mas cheer?
(sing loud for all to hear)
*what building did Buddy’s biological father work in?
(empire state building)
*What are the food groups for elves?
(candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup)
*What other human shared Buddy’s affinity for elf culture?
*what toy scared Buddy most?
(jack in the box)
*what did Buddy say was his favorite thing to do?
*what actor played Buddy’s Papa elf?
(Bob Newhart)

~Team relay challenge... embrace Buddy’s affinity for elf culture:

* After everyone is broken off into teams, provide each team with a gingerbread house to put together to work on unity and team building. This could be done at the beginning of the party as an icebreaker or just before the team competition starts.

One person from each team must do one of the following options, each team member must participate in at least one option.

*eat plate of spaghetti with maple syrup and candy
*chug pop (not 2 litre but a can) and burp convincingly
*sing x-mas carol loud for all to hear (in microphone preferably)
*snowball accuracy (throw styrofoam balls into a target)
*cut out 5 paper snowflakes (that are decent!), or decorate 5 Christmas cookies, etc.

Either the teams can race each other or take turns racing against the clock...depends on time constraints and how much everyone wants to watch the fun of the other teams.

~Show movie if there is time.

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