Friday, December 11, 2009

an old companion

when god allowed some hard stuff to happen to me these last 8 days, i had quite a bit of time to think...

and i could almost see my old companion rebellion sitting by my hospital bed.

i could almost hear her questioning whispers of why? become my own.

i could almost smell the sour scent of hopelessness that she prefers.

i could almost feel her crushing weight of bitterness on my chest.


but through the strength of the perfect companion, through god's word, through the encouragement of believing friends, my old companion rebellion could never make her full presence known to me.

i am so grateful.

1 comment:

Kellie said...

How good it is to see you posting from the comforts of HOME again!

Praise God that He carried you through! I am thanking Him for preserving your life and carrying you through!

Love you much.