Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is there anything worse then vacuuming?

Yes!!!!!! Vacuuming with an un-sucky vacuum is much, much worse! It is depressing!

So, is anyone out there in blogger land happy with their vacuum and willing to give me a recomendation? It would be greatly appreciated!!

(FYI: we mainly have carpet and the cheaper the better!)


Blue Skies said...

I am happy with my vacuum but I don't think the price would make you happy. We have a Dyson that I got when they were still unknown. When my relatively new vacuum died under it's Best Buy warranty I replaced it with the Dyson so I didn't actually pay full price for it. I remember at the time the guy at the store told me they were new, good, and really cool looking. Now that we have wood laminate floors I can see whether there is still dirt under the area rugs. I vacuum very little from under the rugs the few times a year that I move them.
Here's where I want tell a little quippy and funny joke about vacuum shopping but I can't come up with one. Aren't you lucky?!

Lara said...

Get a ROOMBA they do the vacuuming while you sit and eat bonbons! I got mine at Costco for my birthday! I LOVE IT!l