Friday, February 1, 2008

The Kids Have A Snow Day

They are still asleep, except J. You know, it is the strangest thing how I have to drag her little behiney out of bed and crack the proverbial whip until she leaves on the bus, but on a snow day she is up and out of bed before normal wake up time.

Anyways, the snow is steadily drifting downward outside my window. All is calm and still and beautiful. And my neighbor is out snow plowing across the street. I think it may be because the plow is more of a toy then a tool. But it is kind of messing up my calm and peaceful morning. Makes me feel guilty that we too should be out snow blowing. Hmmm. Big D. is already at work. Maybe I should go wake the boys up and get them going on it too! Or maybe I will just move to another window.

So back to enjoying my, I mean the kids, snow day.

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Lara said...

pics positively balmy here!