Monday, February 25, 2008


I have had some good roommates and some not so good roommates in my past. Such is life. Fortunately for me, my most recent roomie (Big D) is also the best one! (I love you, sweet thing!) The key is finding the right roomie!

A few weeks ago we moved Truck's kennel from the basement to the garage. After all, if a cat can handle the chill surely he can!! And I am tired of vacuuming hair up in the basement! So off he went to the garage with the cat.

The new arrangement has worked out well! But I have caught Hidey pacing back and forth in front of Truck's kennel as if to say, "I can go here and I can go there and I can go anywhere I want!" He just watches, locked in and unable to exact any revenge on her. Yet!

The other night I put him in, locked him up and looked around for Hidey. She wasn't anywhere to be found. I went outside and called but no Hidey. Finally I walked back by the cage and saw...4 eyes looking back at me. One set a little intimidated. The other set I could swear had a gleam of delight in them. So I took a picture before I "rescued" Hidey from an uncertain fate. (Or maybe I rescued Truck. Hidey does have her claws still.)

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