Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Memory Lane

We are working on our basement...continually. It is my project guys' dream come true because there is always something more to be done. This past weekend I was "helping" by moving some boxes from one corner to another corner. As I went deeper down in the pile of boxes I came across several that I have moved from house to house over the last 17 plus years. And that was where my helpfulness ended.

They were rotten and falling apart, so at first I just sifted through items and put them back in newer boxes. Then I found yearbooks and had to show my son how young his dad and I used to look. Soon I found myself sitting on the cold concrete reading excerpts from my journals covering my semester in Europe. And it was truly all over when I found the box of love notes from Big D. I gave up and had the box brought upstairs so I could read them in the comfort of my own room and with warm carpet to cushion me.

I am amazed that our parents let us get married that young (I was 19 and D was 21) but there is no question our love was real and alive. And it is so fun to realize that our hope that our love would only grow through the years continues to come true. One of the notes just had me rolling. D. was apoligizing for the horrible class he talked me into taking with him...Intro to Computer. The prof was the ultimate nerd (short, balding, pudgy, dark glasses) and he talked about his stewardess girlfriends (yes, plural) and his favorite phrase was "money, money, money makes the world go round."

In one of the letters, D wrote that he hoped our kids never got a hold of these notes someday. Honestly, I can't believe that we actually have kids old enough now to get a hold of our old love letters and tease us about them. Anyways, it was alot of fun to go down memory lane and if you have any old love letters lying around, I strongly recomend you get them out and read them. Memory lane is way more fun then rotating boxes around a half done basement!!!


Lara said...

Man are we way smarter than you guys...we've burned ours already! 1 1/2 years of a long distance relationship...that was quite a bonfire!

Lara said...

burning the letters I mean...not the 1 1/2 year long distance relationship...oh geez this is sounding worse all the time!

Anonymous said...

All that mushy stuff I said before goes double now.

Still yours,

spaghettipie said...

aw shucks, you guys are so cute!

Blue Skies said...

You know what makes me sad though, unless you think to actually print all those emails, there won't be any more love letters to read.
My hubby and I have made a point to write each other a note every year on our anniversary in a special journal just for that occasion. It has been very interesting to go back and read previous years entries each year.
Your husband is so sweet to jump in and comment on your blog!

Kellie said...

You two are so sweet.

What a fun afternoon you had, M!

TJ Wilson said...

- first of all, wow that's YOUNG!!
- second, did he really say "stewardess?" Even when you were in college, surely that wasn't PC
- and third, at least you don't look old enough to have kids who can read your old love letters...