Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day Past

Last week on my stroll down memory lane, I came across the memory of Valentine's Day Past. Our first Valentine's Day together! I remember being so excited about it!! And at that point, we were engaged and preparing for a wedding in just a few months!! It wan't anything terribly adventurous or creative... D took me to a very nice restaurant. I am 97.5 % sure that this is the photo taken by my mom that night and it has since resided patiently in the bottom of a Nike shoe box for the last 19 years. (In case your are wondering, that 2.5% of uncertainty is due to me wearing white shoes before Easter. But maybe I was feeling rebellious that night. Give me a break...it has been 19 years and if I don't now, you can be sure I didn't label photo's back then!!)

The funniest memory I have of that evening out was how annoyed we both were with the waiter who "hovered" at our table and kept scraping the crumbs off the tablecloth between courses. Poor guy was just doing his job and we were so unappreciative. (Don't worry, all you retired waiter and waitresses out there, D has always been a very generous tipper, even when annoyed.) The dress I was wearing was one of those that had the stretchy gathered fabric on the top half with a big bow on the left hip, and of course, it was the requisite 80's floral! At least it wasn't mauve! Get a load of the shoulders on that dress. And I have broad shoulders anyways. I remember having to adjust the stretchy part of it every time I wore that dress. (: Oh the price of being beautiful!

Anyways, I am so glad our first Valentine's Day together was a good one, even if not terribly adventurous or creative, and that I had the chance to remember it this week of all weeks! I guess it is just the hopeless romantic in me!!


Kellie said...

That is so awesome! y'all haven't aged a bit!

Thank you for sharing....this is fun!

Anonymous said...

What a fun memory! And you look so young and innocent! :)

Lara said...

I swear I had those exact same shoes