Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Story of How We Met the UGLI Fruit

It all started at WalMart with my husband and I trudging the aisles and tossing various items into our floppy-wheeled cart. Milk. Sugar. Milk. Cereal. Milk. Pasta. Lately, our menu has become somewhat hum-drum...same ol', same ol'... bor-ring.

Our cart was heaped like a mountain as we hit the fruit section. Just as I was reaching for the carrots, we saw "it". There was almost a warm tropical glow surrounding the table on which it sat. We stared at the misshapen, dingy looking, spongy type thing. It was something we had never seen before, or heard of for that matter. After all, it was from the magically warm land of Jamaica and we live in the frigid land of North. D boldly reached out and put one in our cart and suddenly things were not so boring!! We rushed home and excitedly presented to our 4 waiting children the UGLI fruit.

Their innocent little faces registered some doubt, as the fruit is really quite ugly. D. went to the sink and cut through the skin of the fruit and presented each of us with a piece. It was delicious!! It was different!! And then it was gone!!! But the memory has still remained. Days later, one of us will say, "hey, I want some more UGLI fruit" and the rest of us will all nod in agreement.

Moral: If you need some excitement in your menu, go find something UGLI to put in your grocery cart!

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Blue Skies said...

I've looked at those with wonder but have never been brave enough to try one. Maybe I haven't been cold enough or had enough cabin fever. I am now emboldened to try one after your stellar recommendation.