Monday, February 11, 2008

Answering Machine Etiquette

I need some advice. My husband and I can't agree on how to handle the "situation" and I would value some input.

We each have our cell phones. We also have our home phone number (high speed internet access). I typically hand that home number out to people who don't necessarily need us immediately (school directories, church directory, businesses, etc.). We also get quite a few telemarketing calls on that home number. I have the machine set on 2 rings and typically don't answer it. It just takes messages which we can collect when we have a free moment.

Here is my issue. There have been a couple instances where people have left messages on the home number and I have not retrieved them until several days later because someone has hit the play button to get rid of the annoying beep.

I have been told to just turn off the machine. So I did. But then I had both my cell phone and my home phone ringing...I just couldn't take that insanity anymore!! Some people hang up after 7 rings and try all over again (perhaps hoping for a machine to click on?). So the machine is back on for now.

Do I let the phone ring continually without an answering machine, unplug the home phone, or do I have an anwering machine that sometimes doesn't get checked within a 24 hour period of time?


Blue Skies said...

Can you sign up for a voice mail account through your landline? That is what I have and you can set it to go to voice mail after two rings without having the annoying beep. My phone has a blinking light that tells me when there is a message and there is a stutter tone when I go to make a call to remind me there is a message waiting. I couldn't handle a continuously ringing phone or a constantly beeping machine .... repetitive noises like that drive me batty.

Anonymous said...

We just got rid of our home number (we're on cable internet), but when we had our home phone we rarely answered it as well. Half the time it was unplugged from the wall (although my answering machine could still get it) and the answering machine volume was turned all the way down. Ours doesn't beep at us, though. It just blinks . . .i think the voicemail idea is a good one, but you'll probably have to pay extra. Otherwise, just unplug it!

meh said...

I forgot to add one thing...I think it is a safety net or a crutch or something. After all, what if someone needs to get a hold of me and they don't have my cell phone number? Well, thanks for your advice guys! We will look in to our options!