Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who are these crazy people?!

We had our Fall Festival at church last night. So fun to have a reason to dress up like a little kid again! And best of all, a great opportunity to share the love of Christ!!

Cool God-moment highlight from last night...remember my blog about doing outreach with my book club, motivated by our reading A Whole Lot of Different Like Me? One of the family's we reached out to showed up. Very cool!!

Proud highlight of the 3 oldest kids pitching in, serving where needed, and having fun doing it!

Bitter-sweet moment...My eldest son taking great delight in reminding me that he wouldn't be around for next year's Fall Festival as he would be far, far away at college. (And no, I didn't cry...this time.)

And the funniest moment of my evening...I was walking through the hall and a little kid asked me if I was Little Red Riding Hood. I said yes and that I was looking for Granny. He warned me that it wasn't really Granny but the Big Bad Wolf!


Kellie said...

Some of my kids favorite memories are of you and D dressed up at the CCBC a matter of fact, I have some pretty good pictures!

All your kids look so grown up!

spaghettipie said...

Getting caught up on some blogs. Can't even believe you have an 18-year-old! AGH! And what a cute family pic. I remember your great costumes at our costume party one year!