Thursday, October 15, 2009

That First Week...

*I watched how a soft answer really does turn away wrath. The guy I am working for has it down pat. What an excellent reminder for me in my real life being a pastor-wife and full time mom!

*I was really be placed outside of my comfort zone, working as a receptionist and doing some computer has been about 2 decades since I did this kind of gig and my computer skills are pathetic to say the very least. But I survived!!!

*God has a sense of humor...the first button I pushed on the computer on day 1 and, voila, the whole system froze. Nice!!

*I have been able to experience the strength of the Lord, engage in some personal humility, and enjoy the kindness of strangers (in the form of the office computer guy).

I have just a few more days, and honestly, I am very glad for that. But I am sure there is more to learn so I will keep my eyes open!

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