Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Random Reasons I LOVE my Mom-Job today!

! Yesterday I got to spend precious Alone-Time with my man on his day off...Mondays when he takes it. The kids were at school. It was just us. We went to see Julie and Julia and shock of shocks, he enjoyed the chick flick. My favorite line was her reasoning on why she is bad at housework. It is still making me laugh today.

!! I have time to blog. (: Yes, there are other things I COULD be doing right now (dishes, laundry, gourmet desserts...) but I choose to blog because I can.

!!! I find that I am more prone to laugh at things like this rather then spaz out...

Isn't he pathetic? He just got a serious chewing out by me, you can tell! By the way, it was a roll of t.p.

!!!! I was allowed the opportunity to join other women in Bible Study and prayer this morning.

!!!!! I am about to walk out the door to watch my 10th grade kiddo play the last tennis match of his first season in the sport.

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Kellie said...

Seriously that may be the sweetest puppy I've seen in a long while....

He has really grown!