Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh, the possibilites...

Today is the beginning of a new "opportunity".

A friend of mine is a receptionist for her family business and is leaving town for 2 weeks of vacation. She needed a backup to answer phones and do light computer work; she asked me to do it, and I agreed. When God offers an opportunity to make enough money to pay for my son's wisdom teeth to be removed next Spring, who am I to say no?! I wasn't looking for it, yet God provided. My temporary 9-5 job starts today.

And this is where I am thinking that the gentle rolling flow of my life is about to be seriously disrupted!

I am fully expecting to be exhausted at the end of each day over these next two weeks. My house will not be in order. Meals will be harder to manage each night. I will miss Bible Study. I won't have much time to blog. My kids will be home from school before I am. Things will fall through the cracks.

I just don't want to drown...or to take any of my family down with me.

But I do believe that God has provided this short-term opportunity for me. And probably not just for the sake of funding the removal of my son's teeth. Who can I encourage? Who can I serve? And what does God want to teach me through the next 2 weeks?

Oh, the possibilities...

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