Wednesday, October 7, 2009

J is on Kid Patrol!

Our littlest animal in the forest went happily to school today...her first day wearing that bright, red vinyl belt that tells all the watching world that she is on Kid Patrol!

She tried it on for me after school yesterday. She tried it on for Dad when he came home from work. She adjusted it in front of the mirror about 18 times working to get just the right fit over the shoulder and around her waist. And she announced to me with arms upraised and a large grin, "I feel so powerful with this on"!

I just cannot think where she gets her control issues, but kindergartners beware! J is on Kid Patrol!


whimzie said...

Ha! Kid Patrol may have created a tyrant! That is so funny. I hope the power and control are everything she dreamed they would be.

Kellie said...

OH she makes me laugh! I just love that J!

I was never on Kid Patrol...back in my day it was called Safety Patrol.

On a VERY random note, my favorite episode of the Brady Bunch was when Bobby got to be on safety patrol. You should totally find it and watch it with J!