Friday, October 9, 2009

18 years ago...

Me holding D3, October 9, 1991:

1993, climbing everything in sight:

1998, the serious look just testifies to how excited he was about those rollerblades:

2000, sledding with Dad on The Big Hill:

2004, Family Camp at Northern Pines:

Freshman Basketball, Spring of 2007:

Summer, 2009, his second mission trip to Brazil:

Senior year, Fall of 2009:

D3 holding me, even while stretching his wings for independence:

Without question, I am blessed and I love that boy! Now where are the tissues...


Kellie said...

Happy Birthday D!

I can't believe you are so old! But I am proud of you and your achievements, and I cannot wait to see what God has planned for you in the days to come.

M & D,

Happy 18th to you too! Loved the first pic and the pic on Big two haven't aged a bit!

whimzie said...

What a handsome guy! Hope it was a great birthday.