Friday, September 28, 2007

It Is So Fall...

so why is it still warm?! I am not in Texas anymore!! My daughters are still wearing shorts to school and I haven't worn my fun little red trenchcoat even once. Tags are still in it because I am still wearing capri's!!

But from my bedroom window I see the trees are turning, vines around the trunks are truly crimson, and the wild grasses are rusting and yellowing.

I guess it doesn't need to be that cold during the day for nature to begin its process of winter rest!

I have been thinking on the concept of real rest in my life lately and its lack thereof. More Sabbath rest, less sleep rest, more do-nothing-but-play- with-the-kids rest, less brain rest, more soul rest. These are all things I need to get better at this Fall.

I shouldn't let things in my life grow cold before I start the process!

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