Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Three things that make me happy...

*seeing God's hand at work

I LOVE finding tidbits in Scripture that connect with some current event in my life (like getting to the book of Ruth in my reading just a few weeks ago). And even when God's hand at work is a disciplinary hand, I know it is wielded in love for me and it makes me so happy that He hasn't forgotten me, that He is active in my life, and He loves me tenderly enough to help me mature spiritually.

*my family

My best friend is still my husband. My kids aren't perfect but they are sure great, if I do say so myself. My parents and siblings are my prayer warriors and friends. My in-laws are brave and caring. It just makes me happy to think about them all!

*Dr. Pepper, steak, and chocolate cake

There is simple pleasure found in the tang of a lime squeezed into a Dr. Pepper; the salty, charcoaly taste of a great steak grilled to perfection; the smooth and creamy texture of rich chocolate! But I have also learned this past week that it can get even simpler! In the words of one of my mom-in-laws doctors, "there is nothing that makes you feel so human as the ability to eat and drink". As she drinks her very small cups of Propel and ice, or eats portions of Cream of Wheat, my mom-in-law is relishing it as if it is a feast prepared by the finest chef. She knows what it is like to go days without this simple comfort and she appreciates it thoroughly!

There are other things, obviously, that make me happy but these three are what I am thinking about today. Maybe tomorrow I will thank God for three more things. This exercise could last for quite awhile I am thinking!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet your wonderful husband grills a mean steak and pours a great Dr. Pepper with lime. I'll bet all your friends wished their husband was as great as yours. I'll bet you have already figured out your wonderful husband is the one leaving this anonymous comment... I am glad to be part of your happy list.

Kellie said...

meh and anon,
You both made me weepy.

Love ya,

spaghettipie said...

visiting yours and kellie's blogs are making me all happy. I look forward to reading more happy blogs.