Monday, September 10, 2007

Shopaholics Beware

I am a recovering shopaholic! Flying on the plane today, I was struck anew at the incredible shopping possibilities to be found thousands of feet in the air. In one catalogue you can find anything from gaudy bathroom fixtures to feet massagers to 14 karat gold roses.

My favorite item today was the filtered water system for cats. Apparently, cats love fresh water. In fact, it is vital for their survival. For a small fortune, I can now insure kitty has the freshest water possible whenever kitty wants it.

For a brief moment, I am actually tempted. After all, I like filtered and fresh water myself. I even half way like my cat. And then it occurs to me, my cat lurks at night searching for rodents. When it finds a rodent, my cat slaps it around before killing it. My cat takes the deceased in its mouth and drops it on my front porch for all to see. If after all that, my cat still needs filtered water to survive, then kitty is up a creek.

Besides, there was a pretty awesome set of his and her ab loungers that caught my eye.


spaghettipie said...

Beware - one day it's the Sky Mall magazine, the next day it'll be QVC!

And from experiences, if you order something from one of those catalogs, you will begin to receive every magazine printed on earth in your mailbox.

Kellie said...

I always look at those catalogs too. Only to see what sort of crazy item is out that there, that you KNOW people actually buy!

Like for instance, filtered water for the cat? meh, I didn't even think you liked cats.

meh said...

Spaghettipie: QVC was the stepping stone. I bought hummels on it 15 years ago and it has only gone downhill from there.

Kellie: I don't like cats. Notice, I only HALF way like my own personal cat. One of my friends told me about her childhood cat named Icky. Everyone thought they were mean but it was due to what the cat would drag up to the porch.