Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Roadtrip Reminiscence

My family had to make a last minute rush trip south to see the family due to my mom-in-law's cancer and the fact that time is growing close for her. It wasn't an easy trip. Long hours on the road invite mournful thoughts. But there were a few funny happenings and so those I am going to share!

*It isn't a roadtrip without the typical "are we there yet/how much longer/what time is it" questions and all the variations the kids could think of

*To break the monotony, Big D asked the kids a question..."If you are a Norwegian, what country are you from?" C. 's answer was France, of course.

*We stopped at Wendy's, mainly because we had travelled too far north for a Sonic, and found a Wendy's girl who was having a worse day then we were. Big D didn't tell her we were "to go" until the end of the order. It was JUST AWFUL!! Can you BELIEVE how RUDE? (: Somehow in some sick way, it made us both giggle!

*Overheard as we unloaded, "I get the first shower 'cause I haven't showered in a week!"


Kellie said...

So glad that you are back home.

Praying for y'all.


spaghettipie said...

Hope you had a sweet time with your family, despite the circumstances.