Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Embarrassment Meets Kindness

I picked up my daughter from school the other day and her expressive face told me immediately that something was up. When asked how her day went, she blurted out, "I have to tell you something when we get to the car".

In testimony to my misunderstood childhood, my first thought was she had a detention. Thankfully, she only resembles me in a limited way and so the answer to that question was a very indignant "no".

After an eternity, we reached the car. My mind had raced through several scary possibilities and I knew for sure that if it was anything to do with a boyfriend I would probably have a panic attack.

C. prefaced her story with a giggle and by commenting that she hoped she wasn't gossiping but something hilarious had happened that day. Apparently, she was in the girls room when a boy entered and too late realized he had made a very awkward mistake. I asked what she did and she said that since the boy was in her class she immediately looked away so that he could make his escape without knowing he had been seen.

As relief flowed through me that this was all that "was up", it occurred to me that my daughter had behaved herself very kindly! I wish the embarrassing moments of my childhood had been handled that well by my peers. For that matter, I still have embarrassing moments. And I am so, so proud of my kind daughter!

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Kellie said...

Way to go C!

Great story meh!