Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wife of a Hunter

At a certain time each year, I become the wife of a hunter. The phenomena actually begins to take shape before hunting season begins. As the weather begins to change, so does my husband. He spends more time looking through various outdoor catalogues and begins to stretch his shoulder out. His binoculars are found in various parts of the house, but always near windows and doors. The bow case can be found open in the basement next to the target block.

Though it can sometimes be an annoying pastime, I mostly like that my husband hunts. It means my husband and my kids will be creating some more great memories together. Past trips have provided fun campfire style stories that involve not just my boys but also my girls. From killing a deer while my littlest was wearing hot pink "camo" to great "sleepyhead" video footage of my middle boy, these memories will last all our lives! I like my husband having a hobby. He is a better man with something fun to plan ahead for, to dream about, to hone a skill for, and all outside in the crisp fresh air of God's creation. I appreciate that we eat what he kills. It is good stewardship, healthy, and I get a full freezer! And best of all, the season begins and the season ends. It isn't forever!

As hunting season fast approaches and I am tempted to notice the annoying side of his hobby (early mornings, random chamo articles strewn about, time away from me, etc.) I intentionally choose to acknowledge the positive side of being the wife of a hunter.


Anonymous said...

Gone huntin'... words to live by!
C'mon Oct. 1!

with love and appreciation for the "kitchen pass,"

your favorite hunter

Kellie said...

Party at meh's on October 1!