Friday, May 2, 2008


T.T. stands for toilet tissue, thank you very much. I have decided to try and refer to it as that from now on. It sounds very genteel and ladylike. (You might use T.T. for gently dabbing mascara off your face but you don't even think about using T.T. for a midnight foray on a neighbor's yard right before a thunderstorm is expected. )

Here is the story:

D and I were reminiscing about his mom the other day and somehow the topic of toilet paper came up.

(Maybe because we were down to one roll in a house of 6 people. Maybe!)

Anyways, he mentioned that T.T. was how she referred to toilet paper on her grocery list, although in real life she called it TP. I guessed that maybe she thought if she dropped her list in the store and someone behind her picked it up and saw the initials T.T. they wouldn't be able to decipher her code-word and figure out that her family was the kind of family that found themselves in need of TP. D just kind of looked at me. I could tell he would never have even thought of that as a reason.

Someday, we will get to ask her. I really would love to know. And we will probably have a really good laugh over it.

And on that note, I wonder if when we get to heaven we will actually remember all the general, non-life changing but personal and quirky questions that were never asked.

Biding My Time!!


Kellie said...

That is so funny. When you commented on my blog I did wonder what in the world t.t. was!

It does sound so lady like, but I just can't imagine going to "t.t." somebodies house. Of course I remember someone saying that they wanted to "roll" someone's house, and I was like "what?"


meh said...

Kellie: I have heard of rolling people's houses, but in my neck of the woods, we went t.p.-ing. What a good girl you were to not be involved with such shenanigans!!!

Blue Skies said...

See, to me, t.t. sounds like what you do right before you need t.p. I'm not sure it helps the mental picture improve any. If you use it long enough it might just stick though. Around here we use tennis shoes to blow our noses because Emily can't quite remember to call them tissues.