Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Last month I was studying the spiritual discipline of simplicity. It was interesting. It was convicting. It is also a discipline that is difficult to apply practically.

The question that struck me the hardest was this: how often do we replace an item because it has actually worn out? My answer? Not very often!! While I have several areas of simplicity in my life, I am far from having all my ducks in a row on this one.

I know I am not alone in this. How many of us drive our cars until they literally no longer run? Or even until they are unreliable? Car purchases are usually based on looks and updatedness and the financial means to finally make the new purchase we have had our eye on. How often do we buy clothes because ours have worn out? Isn't it more about the latest style and boredom with what we already have? The examples could go on and on and on...

The fact is, most of us have the ability to indulge ourselves in many ways daily and we are not shy about taking full advantage of that ability!

So it has been good for me to think on this and look for more ways to incorporate simplicity in my life.

And on that note, I am off to Biggby's for a decadent coffee treat before I go trade in my old cell phone for a newer model!!

(Before you lose all respect for me, please note that I have a coupon for a free coffee and my 2 year old cell phone is hanging on by a string, literally, and no longer shuts properly.)

Simplicity does not mean I can't enjoy good things that God provides in my life. Or new things. Or fun things. I just need to be very aware of why I am buying those "things" and what role those "things" play in my life.


Kellie said...

Decadent Coffee drinks aren't necessity?

On a serious note, simplicity is such a deep and interesting topic. Especially in our culture. When busy-ness and materialism are the yard sticks in which we meausure ourselves.

Great post! But I bet you were glad when the month was over! ;) What are you studying this month?

meh said...

Hey Kellie,

April was the spiritual discipline of simplicity, May was/is solitude and starting in June...submission. (: Go figure that in the month on solitude I have D gone more then usual. HMM!!