Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One of Those Moments

Yesterday after school, my 16 year old son picked me up from Big D's office in his car. (!!!!)

We were headed downtown to a tux shop because my baby boy has been invited to prom by a girl from our church. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

As the tux shop guy showed my son the options, I had one of those moments of blinding insight. He is not my baby boy anymore. He is growing up at the speed of light and he is drawing very close to adulthood.

This is one of those moments when I should NOT be "biding my time". The time is now! The time to love on him and cherish him and laugh with him and listen to him. The time is now!!


Kellie said...

Oh sweet friend,

Your post makes me weepy with joy, pride (the good kind!) and just a little bit of sadness!

It seems hard to believe that that once little boy ( not so long ago!) is truly becoming a man. Driving; Talking in such a deep voice, that when I hear him in the back ground I think it's Big D; and going to prom!

Your post is a good reminder! It all happens too quickly!

Anonymous said...

Agh! I can hardly believe it! Crazy. And a great reminder to live in the now, too.

TJ Wilson said...

sweet, Meh. thought-provoking and sad and exciting all at the same time. bet he's handsome in that tux!