Friday, May 23, 2008


Some choices aren't too hard. And honestly, the consequences aren't earth shattering either way I decide to go.

Do I drink the hot tea at 9:53 at night (risking the effects of caffeine) or wait until tomorrow morning?

Do I let the boys wrestle in the livingroom (though it makes me a little crazy) or do I ask them to cease and desist?

Other choices require alot more from me!!

Like do I give in to feeling sorry for myself because my husband, who has been out of town Monday - Thursday night at a conference, just flew out again this afternoon to attend a family reunion through next Monday on a lake somewhere beautiful and I am stuck here at home with all four kids and nothing to do but more laundry and cooking and housework and yard work. Or do I just suck it up and rejoice that my husband gets the opportunity to go and be thankful that I have 4 awesome kids to spend time with all the holiday weekend long?

So in case you were wondering, I did drink the tea, which is why I am sitting here typing with the smug satisfaction of having lasted a whole 5 minutes before "encouraging" the boys to take it somewhere else.

But I am still working through the third choice I have to make. And yes, I do know what the right decision is. I just need to suck it up and actually do the right thing!! Something tells me I may need to revisit this decision a couple times this weekend. I am so very weak!!

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Kellie said...

And I didn't even call you yesterday!


FIrst day of summer for the kids, which was great. I haven't been feeling good, which was not so great.

Hang in there friend! I wish I was would probably be warmer. the last two days have been COLD!