Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flexibility and Change

I am a very flexible person. Spontaneous. Able to accept and even embrace change.

On my terms!!!

But when change is forced upon me, and upon my already well-thought out plans, I can be stiff as a board. In fact, I panic. Maybe not always on the outside that others can observe, but invariably, I have an internal temper tantrum of a panic attack!

I use the words temper tantrum because that is really what it is. MY beautifully crafted plan has been messed with and I don't like it, thank you very much.

Right now, it is my mission trip VBS schedule that is being "messed" with. So I am taking this break to blog about it and then back I go to work. Not so much to work on the schedule as to work on my flexibility!!! (:


Kellie said...

Yeah, flexibility and change are my spiritual gifts too.


So I probably am not one to give advice in this area.

But i;ll pray!

spaghettipie said...

Oh, I'm right there with you. And the cause of my best laid plans going awry is usually a little 2.5-year-old wonder with an agenda of her own!

Blue Skies said...

Oh my goodness. You and I are very alike. I'm feeling kind of mule-ish about something (huge) myself lately. Thanks for the reminder!