Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ok, ok...I get the hint!

This week my theme verse is Psalm 94:19. Lots of stuff going on, anxiety is all around me, but I am running to the consolation of the Lord.

So apparently I need a little bit of help on this. Instead of attending Bible Study and then shopping for a get-together at our house tonight, I am home sick with a stomach thing. Ok, I get the hint. I will slow down. I am running to You!!!


Kellie said...

Oh sweet friend, not a stomach thing!

I am going to pray that you feel better. Does this mean your thing tonight is cancelled?

I will let you rest today and try to get ahold of you tomorrow!


meh said...

Kellie, it is absolutely cancelled!! I am not risking anything like that!! (: I am actually better. It was fortunately a short lived kind of thing. And at least now my house is nice and clean.