Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What is Popping Up In My Garden?

Not much...yet. But I am so excited that Spring is lurking close by. I can't plant anything up here with any level of confidence until after Memorial Day, but I already have some seeds picked out and some good ideas of what I want to do.

So for now, Truck is all that is popping up in my garden:

Usually he is curled up on the rocking chair, but I guess he just felt the need of someplace soft for his big behiney!!


Kellie said...

Marie! That dog is hilarious!

He looks so funny!

meh said...

Hey Kellie, he is truly a mess. He is four, he should be grown out of these things. I had thought about posting a title of Dog on the Pot, but thought it might bring some "iffy" traffic to my nice clean blog.

Becky said...

meh that is so funny I like dog on a pot and you are right I would have skipped kellies blog and gone straight to yours if i had seen that hehe

spaghettipie said...

Okay, hilarious. And that is either one big pot or your dog has shrunk! Does he smell like a flower too?

meh said...

Hey Spaghettipie,
he smells like a petunia!! If Irie were here, she would want to roll on him! His last bath was, oh, Sept. of '07. But he IS an outside doggie!!