Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jelly bean jar

A very fun thing happened for C during Spring Break week. She actually won something...a very large jar of jelly beans from a grocery store. My young mathematician calculated the number of jelly beans by looking at the serving size on the package the store had laying out and estimating. She came within 15 beans. The actual number was something like 1122 beans. And she was so-o-o excited to win!!! We were too since she generously shared all week long.

Jelly bean jar then (we had already dipped into it by the time I took the pic) ...

Jelly bean jar now...

I like the purples. The girls like the pastels. M prefers the black. D and D3 pretty much just grabbed by the handful and didn't worry about the color, unless it was black. As you can see, you pretty much don't want to be a jelly bean in our house. And M gets the last laugh as black are the only ones left.

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Kellie said...

First, that picture of C, makes me think that you and Big D need to lock her up somewhere for the next 20 years. Meh, she is strikingly B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

Y'all are in trouble with the gorgeous kids you produce, that's all I'm saying!

Actually, that isn't all I am saying, how smart is C to figure out the number by looking at the serving size? Smart and beautiful...it's just not fair.

Also, we now have matching cookie jars. That Jelly bean jar looks just like the one that our belated Lenny swam in for four months of his life.

Let me tell you that Jelly beans are a much better option.

For the record, I like pink.